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A bolster pillow is a long and narrow pillow that is quite versatile.  If you’re having trouble with your neck or back they can be used as support pillows.  They can also be used to help prop up small children while being fed, for lounging in family rooms, in the bed while reading books, napping and definitely while lying around on the floor watching television.  You will also see them used as decorative throw pillows on patios and verandas.

You can also purchase an organic bolster pillow filled with buckwheat hulls or millets.  Buckwheat hulls are widely used in Asian countries and have many therapeutic healing benefits.  The buckwheat hulls allow air to freely move through the pillows while you sleep.  This keeps your head cool and comfortable while the pillow remains fresh and fluffy.  Millet hulls are more study than buckwheat hulls and very smooth and velvety to the touch.  Both are great at fully supporting the weight of your neck and head without compromising their form.

If you plan on using the bolster pillow in an outdoor environment its best to get those that have a polyester filling because the fiber will absorb water which will decrease the chances of mildew or mold forming on the pillow.  Buckwheat and millet hulls filled pillows should not be allowed to get wet as these will ruin the pillows.