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The position in which you sleep for the most part will determine the kind of pillow, which will allow you to wake in the morning feeling great.  If you choose the wrong pillow, you may wake up in the morning with neck or back pain, numbness in your arms and a feeling that you simply did not get enough sleep.  For a great night’s sleep, persons who sleep on their sides will want the best side sleeper pillows.

As you are aware, not all pillows are created equally.  That is why a stay overnight such as an out of town business trip or vacation can cause you to have a very restless night.  This is also why many people will take an extra bag just to pack their own pillow to ensure a good night’s sleep when away from home.  Unless that pillow is designed for the position in which you sleep, you are not getting the rest that you could be getting.

Persons who sleep on their backs require a very firm pillow.  Without the support of the firm pillow, the head tilts back in an unnatural position.  This can cause spinal alignment problems and may allow the airway to collapse, a primary cause of sleep apnea.  If your bed partner complains of your snoring while, sleeping on you back you may need a firmer pillow.