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Best Pillow Ever Made

best pillow ever madeWhat just might be the best pillow ever made is one that reminds the user of some special occasion in the past. While pillows can be decorative and certainly can make us comfy, what might make them the best is that added quality of sentimentality.

What homeowner does not value keepsakes, does not display a collection of stuffed animals, shot glasses, decorative spoons, family photos, or items made by tiny hands long ago grown into adult children?

A pillow or pillows made from treasured neckties worn by a long-buried father or grandfather or spouse could be treasured as well. Made by loving hands to whom each tie means a memory, this would have to be the best pillow ever.

If the heart is in it the creative process for the best pillow ever made need not be daunting, even to those who do not sew or quilt on a regular basis. The number of ties needed would, of course, depend on the size pillow desired and the width and length of each tie. In general ten or fifteen ties should do just fine.

They should be clean, with no stains. Alternatively, if they have a small stain somewhere that can be cut out, go ahead and do so. Then the pillow maker just needs to turn each tie over to the back and undo the long piece of thread that exposes the inner filling of the necktie. The filling comes out now, and once all filling has been removed from all neckties, they should be ironed flat and wrinkle-free.