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The Best Natural Pillows for Sleeping

best natural pillowsDo you ever wake up feeling congested and not well-rested? If so, the culprit may be lying right beneath you! Many people suffer from allergies that are exacerbated by the synthetic pillow upon which they spend eight hours every night.

Is there a solution to this debilitating dilemma?  Finding the best natural pillows is easy depending on what level of comfort you’re seeking and how much you have budgeted for these eco-friendly pillows.

The best natural pillows offer relief for even the worst of allergenic symptoms. Once you decide to make an investment by buying natural pillows, it is time to choose a filling. For someone who suffers from cotton allergies but still desires warmth in his cushion, there are a number of excellent, comfortable wool pillows. For those who are unable to come into contact with feathers but still crave that soft, light feeling, there is an array of cushions filled with imitation down.

If you love the feeling of memory foam, then you could opt for a cushion filled with rubber. This may not sound very appealing, but rubber accurately mimics the feeling of memory foam. A great substitute for memory foam is latex rubber. If you do enjoy memory foam but prefer not to sleep on a cushion that totally conforms to your contour, then shredded rubber may be a good pick for you.