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Using bed rest pillows is a common practice used during pregnancy because it often aids in eliminating certain pregnancy complications.  However, before purchasing one of these pillows is good that you equip yourself with the good, bad and the ugly.

Bed rest pillows are surprisingly heavy, especially to most women.  Normally it will require most women to use both of their hands to maneuver the pillow from one spot to another.  By taking a quick look at the pillow you can tell that it is very well made with it’s double-stitched lining and sturdy fabric.

Bed rest pillows are definitely not squishy pillows and may be a bit firmer than what a pregnant woman is looking for although it will definitely provide her with the support she needs..  This pillow is mostly designed to support the upper and lower back so if you’re looking for support for your neck and head you’re out of luck.

There are a lot more expensive pillows on the market that will massage you, have convenient folders to hold your books and a cool light for reading.  You have to ask yourself are you paying extra money for a bunch of foolish nonsense?  Best rest pillows are an inexpensive back support system free of all the unnecessary frills and thrills.

If your looking for excellent support, a quality hypoallergenic product with convenient arm rests bed rest pillows are the way to go.  The pillow will lose some points for not having a removable cover for convenient washing.  About the only solution to this problem is to keep it covered or perhaps have it steamed cleaned if it gets soiled.  The price no doubt dictates the lack of a removable cover.

A bed rest pillow is much better for comfort if you have lower back problems rather than stacking up a bunch of pillows to prop you up in bed.  It will help you to sit up straight and is just like having a little sturdy chair in your bed.

Even though the pillow is only available in limited colors the eight-pound size is durable enough to support large framed people quite comfortably.  The heavy weight prevents it from moving around like most standard sized pillows.

After shopping around online you’ll find that most other pillows that provide this type of support are much more expensive, upwards of one-hundred dollars and they’re not as well made much of the time.

Bed rest pillows also make great gifts for someone you know who has just had surgery or just enjoys sitting up in bed watching television or reading a good book.