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Bed Bug Treatment

bed bug treatmentFirst things first, what really are bed bugs?  Basically, bed bugs are somewhat nocturnal parasitic insects that feed exclusively on warm-blooded animals. But why call them bed bugs? Take note that the name comes from the way they prefer to live – in areas where people usually sleep.

Though such bugs are active during the night, they are not rigidly nocturnal. What they do best is feed off on their hosts totally unnoticed.  Without bed bug treatment it can affect your sleep quality.

Usually, bed bugs bite once per week and could live for as much as six months to a year without feeding. They live inside your mattress, within its seams, the linens, pillows and box springs. They could actually be located in phones, carpet and books.

The past years have seen the increase of bedbug infestation due to the immunity they have developed against certain insecticides. Though bedbugs are not dangerous, their bites have the tendency to cause skin irritation or rashes. It is therefore important to have an effective bed bug treatment. Remember that one bed bug has the ability to lay anywhere from four to five eggs each day.

But where do bedbugs come from?

There are many ways your home could be infested with bedbugs. For one, if you live inside an apartment, bed bugs could crawl inside spaces between your walls. So if your next door neighbor has them, you will most likely have them too. Hotels also have bedbug infestations. Bedbugs could crawl inside your luggage and be carried into your home. Also, bedbugs could get in your house by crawling into your clothes. Used clothing or furniture could sometimes be a source of bedbugs. If you purchased used clothes and bring it inside your house, you may have also picked up a free set of bedbugs.

Believe it or not, your work could similarly be a source of bedbugs. For instance, if you usually go to people’s houses as a plumber or cable guy, you might bring bedbugs home with you or even take them to the home you’re visiting. Also, if you have a guest in your house, they may be bringing bedbugs with them. Students who are coming home for the holidays may bring bedbugs from their college dorm rooms.

Fortunately, there is an effective treatment for bedbugs as long as you know bedbug symptoms and signs of their presence. One way bedbugs announce their presence is through the waste they leave behind. These consist of dark areas and spots on your mattress — such as bed bug faeces or blood. Bedbugs also shed their skin, leave their eggs and even leave behind dead bed bugs.

Bed bug bites are also evident on your skin and appear as small red bites. Bed bugs are difficult to capture as they usually come out while you are sleeping. Their bite can only be felt minutes after it has occurred. The following are ways on how to get rid of bedbugs. Do note that while foggers and bug bombs will be able to destroy bed bugs, these chemicals could also cause them to flee away through the walls and even spread to adjoining rooms thereby making the infestation a lot worse.  Plus, as soon as the fog disappears, bedbugs will simply crawl back in.

One of the most natural way to get rid of bedbugs is by vacuuming. Washing all of your linen weekly is another way to fight bed bugs.  Be sure to wash in warm soapy water to get the best results.  Airing out your home and keeping it well ventilated is another form of bed bug treatment.  However, be aware that you simply cannot remove bedbugs from your home by merely cleaning up. Still, regular cleaning will give bedbugs less places to hide. It will also help eliminate their eggs.

You can also seal pipes, holes, cracks and any places around wires — all of which function as common bedbug entry points. All in all, do not forget to vacuum everywhere and clean stuff which are lying on the floor. You could also dismantle any furniture – such as cabinet or drawer interiors – to find the areas where they might be hiding and then use some bed bug treatment.