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Beautyrest Pillow Review

beautyrest pillow review

Simmons Beautyrest makes some of the most comfortable sleeping pillows on the market today.  Most pillow manufacturers claim to make pillows that will last for years and provide quality sleep to every person.

An objective Beautyrest pillow review of the market reveals that consumers pay less attention to pillows and bedding when health concerns are not impacting sleep quality.  There are many advantages and only one modest drawback to Beautyrest pillows.

Bed pillows come in varying degrees of firmness.  The very firm pillow contains little air and provides resilience that can be felt in the head and neck.  Soft pillows are made of porous materials that contain pockets of air within, and cradle the head without back pressure on the neck muscles.  Firmness is a matter of personal taste and only through experimentation can the individual determine the best pillow for sleep quality.

Beautyrest constructs pillows using natural talalay latex to construct pillows that do not contain allergens.  Skin allergies and respiratory conditions are not irritated when sleeping on this pillow.  Natural fibers like cotton are food for allergens, but synthetic fibers resist their growth.  The latex construction of these pillows resists fungus, dust mites, mold, and bacteria.

Tiny pin-holes throughout the Beautyrest pillow provide constant air circulation which keeps the pillow from flattening over time.  When no pressure is on the pillow, air is able to re-inflate the latex material so that your pillow seems new every night.  The resilience of the latex makes the pillow last much longer and retain the original comfort, shape, and firmness.  Sleep quality is directly impacted by the support provided by the pillow, and air inside the pillow draws heat away from the head.

Beautyrest makes pillow covers from stain-resistant fabric and have zippers for easy removal.  Machine washable fabrics will be renewed by periodic cleaning.  When the same pillows are used by different people, being able to wash the cover between uses makes this pillow a healthy part of any bedding set.

Pillows vary widely in price depending on their composition.  Beautyrest pillows are at the high end of the price range, but that initial investment is offset by the long-term usefulness of these pillows.  Most pillows will require replacement within three years.  For hotels, hospitals, and nursing homes, the initial investment will seem exorbitant until the reviews from guest and patients are given.  When you are looking for a quality pillow, Beautyrest pillows will provide comfort and provide protection from allergens.  Hopefully this Beautyrest pillow review has given you better insights about a comfortable and supportive pillow