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If you are a chronic sufferer of lower or upper back pain, a back support pillow may just what the doctor ordered.  Ordinary pillows simply will not provide the support needed to relieve muscle tension in back and surrounding areas.  Special medical conditions may also require a special type of pillow that is specifically engineered to help relieve back pain.

If you sit for hours at a computer all day chances are you may also experience lower back pain.  Back pillows can provide the lumbar support that you need to make getting through your days at work a breeze.  Many people have also found great levels of comfort using back pillows as they sleep, nurse their babies or even when driving a car.

Back support pillows are usually stuffed with foam, fiber, feathers or cotton.  You will find that this pillow is a lot more rigid than your standard fluffy pillow.  The reason for the rigidness is because you will need something solid under your head to help properly align your spine.  The back support pillow accomplishes this by helping maintain the right “S”shape posture