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The name baby nursing pillow says it all but what you may not know is that breastfeeding helps to develop a special closeness between you and your baby which is beneficial to both  The milk from your breast is the ideal food for your newborn, ideally prepared by nature to suit his or her nutritional needs and bodily development.  You add additional protection for your baby against diseases, airborne contaminants, infection and even decaying of their teeth.

You will be breastfeeding your baby a lot especially in the early months and the baby nursing pillow helps you to better support your baby.  It can also help prevent you from experiencing neck pain and lower back pain.  And holding your baby in the wrong position you may even incur nipple pain.  Although most women are physically able to breastfeed their babies they often discontinue breastfeeding because of the sheer physical discomfort and strain.  If you were able to experience the joy of breastfeeding would you want a device as simple as a baby nursing pillow to aid in that task?