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Snoring affects millions of people on a daily basis but it is a problem that often goes undiagnosed.  The anti-snore pillow can help you eliminate noisy breathing and prevent causing more damage to your health.  If nothing else snoring is an awful inconvenience to your spouse or significant other.  Snoring is characterized as a noisy breathing through the mouth or nose while you sleep. Snoring can also be a sign of more serious health problems.

The anti-snore pillow will be a welcomed addition to your bedroom if your snoring keeps your bed partner up at night so much that they have to move to the another room just to get a good night’s sleep.  The pillow is designed to keep you on your side, which will prevent you from snoring, and then your partner can once again crawl back in the bed with you and sleep through the night.

According to experts who specialize in respiratory and sleep medicine disorders, habitual snoring is a very strong indictor of sleep apnea, a serious medical condition shows up mostly in people who are typically overweight.  Sleep apnea when left untreated can lead to repeated pauses in breathing which can cause your airways to collapse.

The anti-snore pillow does come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Of all the snore no-more pillows we reviewed the Sona Anti-Snore pillow ranks among the best.  It will force you to sleep on your side and if you try to sleep on your back the high center makes you very uncomfortable or makes sleeping nearly impossible to do.  The pillow props your jaw open slightly in an upward position which will help to keep you from snoring.

It comes with a protective pillowcase which can be removed and washed easily and the anti-snore pillow has just the firmness that you need.  Some users have complained that they do tend to sink down in the pillow during the night and subsequently wake up the next morning with a sore neck.  There is no guarantee that this will be your experience as it really depends on how you position your head in the pillow at night.

If you currently stop breathing in your sleep or choke and gasp on waking up then you obviously have a serious problem as it relates to snoring and sleep apnea.  The anti-snore pillow costs about $60 and it might be worth it to make this investment to help improve your overall health.

Also, if your tired of having your partner call your name in the middle of the night or elbow you because your “calling those hogs” then out of sheer courtesy the anti-snore pillow will be a wise investment.

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