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Alarm Clock Pillow

alarm clock pillowThere are many benefits to waking up early but when stay up late watching those reality shows or YouTube videos it may be a bit difficult unless you take advantage of an innovative alarm clock pillow.  I already know what you’re thinking?  What will they come up with next?

The alarm clock pillow turns the strategy of having your alarm clock far away from your bed to force you to get up and turn it off on its heels.  So now you reason to go shopping for a new pillow that will double as a new alarm clock.

Why consider a choosing an alarm clock pillow as your pillow of choice of choice?  The sudden buzz of ordinary alarm clocks can create a sudden shock and leave you disoriented as you are awakened from your sleep.

The alarm clock pillow has a built in LED that illuminates itself by gradually becoming lighter over 40 minute time frame.  This helps to gradually pull you out of your meditative sleep until you’re wide-awake instead of suddenly jolting your body awake.

It’s a bit scary and uncomfortable to be suddenly awakened from restful night sleep with a buzzing alarm clock.  The visual alarm created by the alarm clock pillow is revolutionizing the way many people wake up.