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Many who suffer from burning and indigestion can benefit from using an acid reflux wedge pillow. They are very helpful in reducing symptoms of burning and gnawing pain, whether you suffer a couple nights a week or nearly every night. Using such a product may allow you to get a good night’s rest, without taking extreme measures, such as elevating the head of the bed with blocks or your college textbooks.

This item works with gravity, allowing stomach contents to stay where they should be. This aids in digestion and also helps keep the spine in alignment. Most products available are reasonably priced and provide an alternative to medications and antacids. Such a cushion may also be used in conjunction with medication, if the condition is persistent.

The Top 5 Acid Reflux Wedge Pillows

  1. The Liberator brand acid reflux wedge pillow can be found at Walgreen’s for around $50. Made of a very dense foam, this item comes with a microfiber outer cover in many color choices and a few prints as well. The outer cover allows for stacking of the cushions, so you can comfortably read in bed or find a more comfortable position.
  2. Wal-Mart offers the Spa Sensations cushion, made of comfortable memory foam. This acid reflux wedge pillow will put you in the right position and also help keep your spine in a more natural configuration. The product includes evergreen, which is a natural green tea substance to control odor. It is also made with castor oil, which is a natural substance used to prevent mold growth. This product sells for $30. Like the Liberator brand, the outer cover can be removed and machine washed.
  3. A basic foam acid reflux wedge pillow offered by Sears costs less than $25. While the angle of the incline is not as pronounced, this product may be helpful for those with occasional night time indigestion who simply want to have something on hand. It consists of durable foam and a simple cotton outer covering in white. It is also machine washable and is a great bargain for someone who wants to try sleeping with this type of product.
  4. The Med Slant cushion is designed with just the right angle, which is recommended by physicians to help reduce symptoms of indigestion. It comes with a mite proof hypoallergenic cover. A carrying bag provides the additional  feature of convenience, when traveling and staying in a hotel or unfamiliar bed.
  5. Beauty Rest also makes a similar product. It includes features of many of the other products and costs just over $30. There are many other alternatives for this product. One option is wide enough to fit across the entire bed, while still providing the incline that is needed to prevent symptoms of indigestion. It is handy for couples and can be used to watch TV or read. This product is priced in the same range as the others.

While all solutions provide an incline, it may be important to select one that will give you just the right angle for gravity to work on your digestive system. All products are affordable. You can simple choose one with the features you desire.