Pillow ReviewHello,

My name is Skye Benns.  I started this website because I wanted to learn more about proper bedding, especially pillows.  At the time I began my research I had no idea that there were so many types of pillows.  After starting this blog I was amazed that there were so many different types of pillow brands for every sleeping challenge imaginable.

This site continues to be work in progress as I discover new and exciting pillows.  Of course there is no way for me to buy and sleep on each one of these pillows but I do bring you unbiased opinions about what I’ve been able to uncover regarding these pillows.

You will discover, just like I have, that there is no one pillow that will accommodate everyone’s needs.  However, there is a pillow out there that is just right for you.  Sometimes its a matter of testing pillows if possible in the store before you buy.

Currently I have been sleeping on the Sobakawa Cloud Pillow and I do enjoy it quite a bit.  The pillow provides me with a comfortable sleep at night.  What I love most about the pillow is that it stays in place while I sleep so I don’t toss and turn near as much as I use to.

I hope you visit my website often and enjoy my reviews.  If there is a particular pillow that you’d like for us to review just send us a quick note and let us know.

Thanks and remember to sleep like your in heaven…because you are.

Happy Pillowing.