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The Prop Up Pillow – Great for Gerd

prop up pillowIf you are wondering what type of holiday gift to choose for your mother, a Prop Up Pillow may be the one thing she does not have and desperately needs.

Whether she suffers from the occasional heartburn or simply enjoys watching TV or reading in bed, most mothers will enjoy something they will get plenty of use from.

The typical product is shaped like a wedge, while gradually tapering to a thinner area at the lower spine.

Products are usually made of polyurethane foam, though some newer products may be made of latex memory foam. Make sure mom is not allergic to latex before purchasing the latter, as you do not want to create more problems or make her uncomfortable.

Though products are available at many different prices, the main consideration in purchasing a Prop Up Pillow as a gift should be comfort. It will do little good if one cannot get comfortable or sleep soundly with it. If you want a good quality product, there are many available. However, some of the doctor recommended brands can cost up to $100 or more. Some include a neck and lumbar support, but often they must be purchased separately.

There are decent quality products available in retail stores. The benefit of purchasing a product from the store, rather than online, is that you can check it out and see whether it provides adequate support and is worth the price. Usually stores carry a few models of a Prop Up Pillow at different prices. You may not want the cheapest, but you do not necessarily need to buy the most expensive either.

Products in stores can range in price, from around $25, for a simple polyurethane foam version, up to $50, for a more supportive cushion that also gives with the pressure of a person’s head and neck, while still providing support. Some people recommend using a regular bed cushion or neck support on top of the Prop Up Pillow, while sleeping. You will want to advise mother to try using the product in different ways, to suit her taste and comfort.

The great thing about purchasing a Prop Up Pillow for your mom is that it is the type of pillow that has many healthy benefits. Though triangular in shape, it can easily be packed into a round or square box, which will keep mom guessing and make it even more of a surprise when she finally opens her gift.  Don’t be surprised if mom’s acid reflux symptoms begin to disappear after a few nights with the Prop Up Pillow.