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Let’s admit it all things being equal its generally better to fly first class on a plane than it is to fly coach.  However, even when you pay a premium for your reclining seat you may still have difficulty getting comfortable much less falling asleep.  The makers of the 1st Class Sleeper heard you and have designed a pillow to pick up where airplane seats drop the ball whether you decide first class or coach.

The pillow is the brainchild of an airplane pilot Bob Duncan who frustrated by now getting enough rest on his 12 hours flights.  The 1st Class Sleeper pillow is designed to give you hours of sleep and comfort as long as you use it properly.  This is an inflatable travel pillow so your first challenge is getting the right amount of air into the pillow.  Since no two bodies are the same height, weight and makeup its vitally important that you blow the right amount of air into the pillow to achieve maximum comfort.  The more you weigh the less amount of breaths you will need to get the air properly distributed- being bigger does have its advantages.

At the top of the 1st Class Sleeper you will find a portion of the pillow that does not inflate and this is what cradles your head and neck for maximum comfort.  The indention at the top portion of the pillow should always be above the base of your neck otherwise your body will not be properly supported.

Once the pillow is properly inflated for maximum comfort you should position it so that it resides on the back half of your seat.  To make sure that the air is properly distributed throughout the pillow you never want to sit directly on the sleeper.  This helps to provide proper support to the lower back and neck so that you can settle in comfortably for your long flight.  To get the maximum benefits from the pillow it also important that you fasten your seat beat snuggly so that your hips are properly supported which prevents you from sliding forward.

Another great use of the 1st Class Sleeper is that it can be used only for lumbar support.  Simply give the pillow 3 to 4 puffs of air and then fold the pillow in half.   Next, sit back in your seat as you normally would and wallah you have an instant lumbar support cushion for lower back support.  This is like having two pillows rolled into one and with a price point of only $30 how can you beat that?

Deflating the pillow is just as simple as the inflation.  Open the valve and allow your body weight to force out the air.  Once the air is out you fold in half and then roll it up in the same fashion that you would a sleeping bag and you’re done.  This task can be completed in less than 60 seconds and it’s small enough to fit inside your briefcase or overnight bag.

The major challenges with using the 1st Class Sleeper for new users may be over inflation or under inflation but both of these problems can be easily diagnosed.  If the pillow is under inflated your chin will most likely be tilted forward too much, almost touching your chest.  Under inflating the pillow will cause the pillow to be too soft and it will not provide you with maximum support and comfort.

If you over inflate the pillow you chin will be titled upward away from your body and this causes discomfort and possible muscle strain.  Over inflating the pillow will have the pillow feeling too hard as if someone has placed you in a very uncomfortable chair.  Generally to inflate the pillow properly will require 10 to 12 full breathes but when using it for the first time you’ll have to experiment to find out how many breathes are right for your body style.

The 1st Class Sleeper is also idea for use during automobile travel and office chairs with high backs,.  The pillow should never be used when driving a car or while a plane is taking off or landing and a seat belt must always be used for maximum safety.

This is a very durable travel sleeper pillow.  It’s easy to both inflate and deflate and small enough to be conveniently carried onto a plane.  It’s definitely a travel accessory that you should add to your arsenal if you plan to be a real travel ninja.  This is a product that you’ll be glad you purchased especially if you have a 9 hour flight.

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