Happy Nappers

Happy Nappers have become one of the most sought after kids toys around the world and you can’t just walk in your local toy store and pick up one of these babies. They are only available online and be sure to watch out for all of the pretenders and knockoffs. Pick them up at the official Happy Nappers website. The reason we feature them here is because they are a hybrid of a toy and a pillow all rolled into one and we’re a pillow site of course.

These little pillows remind me of another very popular toy – Transformers because these stuffed animals transform in to soft comfortable pillows right before your very eyes. Are you having trouble getting your little one to fall asleep at night or take a nap during the day? Well, place one of these pillows in his/her play area watch their eyes light up and you’ll little trouble getting them to bed down. Read the rest of this entry

Amazon ImageI’ve been hearing alot about these Sobella Pillows lately so I decided to dig a bit deeper and try to find out what all the fuss was about. The pillow is touted as being the best pillow on the market. Well, those are some large shoes to fill and it appears that the Sobella Gel Fiber Pillow does just that. The pillow has a 300 thread count and anytime a pillow exceeds a 230 thread count in my opinion is a pillow that I like and requires further inspection. Read the rest of this entry

Pillow Review

Since you’ll spend more than one-third of your life either on your back, your side or your stomach it’s a wise decision if you choose a pillow that’s right for you.  This pillow review website is dedicated to bringing you the best pillow reviews on the top pillow brands.

Pillow Review – What is a Pillow?

The broad definition of a pillow is a cushion that supports the head.  Although most bed pillows are for head support they can also be used to support other parts of the body such as the head, back, knees, legs and shoulders.

pillow reviewPillows can also be used for specific reasons.  For example there are sex pillows, love pillows, orthopedic pillows, eye pillows, acupressure pillows and eye pillows just to name a few.  This is the very reason why reading a pillow review can help you navigate to the pillow that is right and perfect for you. Read the rest of this entry

Dunlopillo Pillows
Dunlopillo pillows

Lack of sleep affects our physical and mental health. When you are not able to get quality sleep, you wake up tired because you are not fully rested. It then affects the rest of your day and you will become less productive. Many people are not aware that the biggest aspect of a good night’s sleep is having a good pillow to sleep on.

The Dunlopillo pillows provide you with quality sleep so that sleeping never has to be elusive for you ever again. It provides firm support and gives significantly better comfort compared to ordinary pillows. They are made from hypoallergenic, dustmite-resistant, and anti-bacterial materials. They also have pure cotton covers for added comfort.

Outdoor Pillows

outdoor pillowsAn outdoor furnishing is a central piece when you want to take summer outside the comforts of your home. Thus, having an outdoor pillow to match the outdoor furniture is necessary to bring out the comfort offered by the indoors on your terrace or patio.

Just like indoor settings, an outdoor surrounding can be customized to the design you want according to your taste. An environment that happens to be unappealing and boring can transform into dazzling with a little help from outdoor pillows.

The Perfect Floor Pillow
floor pillow

Floor pillows are a marvel of comfort and practicality combined. There are as many uses for floor pillows as there are types of floor pillows, and they are very handy to have around the house. They can be used by babies, children, teenagers, and adults, and make a great addition to your household.

One of the most common types of floor pillows are the huge floor pillows that many children use. They are perfect for throwing on the floor of your living room or TV room, and provide a great place to relax and enjoy yourself.

Children can spend hours on the floor pillow reading books or playing, and many teenagers love to relax comfortably on the floor with a floor pillow to lay on. You can toss your kids around on these pillows, pillow fight with them, and indulge in the rough and playful activities that children love.

Discover How To Sleep Better at Night

sleep betterThere are many techniques that you can use if you truly desire to learn how to sleep better. In this article we will give you 4 sure fire tips that will definitely help cure your insomnia when implemented   One of the best ways on how to sleep better is learning to do specific exercises to help your mind and body relax right before bedtime.  You can do this by progressively tensing and relaxing your muscles while you lie in bed at night.

You can start at either end of your body and work your way up to the other end.  You want to make this process as elaborate as you can imagine helping induce sleep.  Feel your body’s muscles clench and then release.  Feel how the covers caress your body.  You can also imagine a large wave of relaxation moving down your body from head to toe.  To make the muscle relaxation technique more intense give the wave a sound, color and a temperature.  The more real you can make this technique come alive in your mind the better results you will get as you learn how to sleep better.

Must Know Sleeping Apnea Information

Sleeping apneaMany people are perplexed about exactly sleeping apnea is?  Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder where a person has pauses of breathing during the nighttime while they are trying to sleep.  Typically the problem occurs many times during the night. Sleep apnea has many warning signs that may alert an individual they may suffer from the sleeping disorder.

A Basic Understanding of Sleeping Apnea

When you have a basic understanding about sleeping apnea you will not only able to recognize it but also be able to seek treatment.  One of the most obvious sounds of sleeping apnea is characterized by loud snoring.  This is the result of the person having some type of breathing problem usually caused by the blockage of air passages.  The cessation of breathing or even choking episodes during the middle of the night is also a notable warning sign of sleeping apnea.

In more severe cases of the disease, a person may choke during their sleep many times during the night.  This causes sleep to become interrupted causing the person to feel fatigued the next morning.  Many sufferers of sleeping apnea typically feel tired during the day and may also find it difficult to concentrate.

Elderly Sleep

elderly sleepCan elderly people get buy on less sleep?  Many people believe that as one gets up in age they need less sleep at night.  Elderly sleep is an interesting subject.  Do you remember you were younger and your grandfather, no matter what time you seem to wake up, was already up?  Not only that, but he had done all sorts of chores around the house.  Did he just need less sleep than you or did he do a better job at managing his elderly sleep?

Chances are your grandfather went to bed no later than 10 PM. Assuming he was able to sleep throughout the night without his sleep being interrupted and got up at 5 AM, that adds up to 7 hours of elderly sleep.  It is not likely that he slept the entire night however.  The Harvard Medical School Guide to a Good Nights Sleep indicates that elderly people are awakened during the night for a variety of reasons.  The reality is that your grandfather probably got closer to 6 hours of elderly sleep.

The 4 Phase Sleep Cycle

sleep cycleSleep deprivation is a serious health condition that not too many people pay attention to.  Not only is sleep and getting the proper amount of rest important but delicate sleep cycle that when not achieved can create all kinds of health issues.

Phase 1 Sleep Cycle

The first phase usually occurs around sun set.  This is when the pineal gland about the size of grain of wheat releases the hormone called melatonin.  More melatonin is produced after dark or in low light.  Secretion of melatonin helps induce sleep and also has an anti-aging effect.  If you start to feel sleepy as the moonlight makes its way into the sky its largely due to increases in melatonin.

In stage one sleep your muscles will relax, your heart rate decreases and your breathing slows down.  The brain also will begin to relax but still remains quite alert.  The more rapid alpha waves are replaced by the much slower theta waves.

5 Amazing Sleep Facts

sleep factsSleeping is an interesting phenomenon.  Some people can sleep upwards of 10 or 12 hours of sleep while others swear they can get by on just a few hours of sleep each night.  It’s a time when we render our minds unconscious, suspend our sensory and motor activities, block out any external stimuli and send our minds on cosmic trip.  As much as you may think you know about sleep I doubt if are aware of these intriguing 5 sleep facts.

Sleep facts #1

A newborn sleeps nearly twice as long as the average adult clocking up to 16 hours each day.  Of course these babies don’t clock these 16 hours straight in a row, instead they typically sleep in 3-4 hours stretches.  Also, babies experience different phases of sleep just like adults ranging from a light sleep to a very deep sleep.  If you recently had a newborn sleep facts such as this one probably doesn’t surprise you.

Alarm Clock Pillow

alarm clock pillowThere are many benefits to waking up early but when stay up late watching those reality shows or YouTube videos it may be a bit difficult unless you take advantage of an innovative alarm clock pillow.  I already know what you’re thinking?  What will they come up with next?

The alarm clock pillow turns the strategy of having your alarm clock far away from your bed to force you to get up and turn it off on its heels.  So now you reason to go shopping for a new pillow that will double as a new alarm clock.

Why consider a choosing an alarm clock pillow as your pillow of choice of choice?  The sudden buzz of ordinary alarm clocks can create a sudden shock and leave you disoriented as you are awakened from your sleep.

The alarm clock pillow has a built in LED that illuminates itself by gradually becoming lighter over 40 minute time frame.  This helps to gradually pull you out of your meditative sleep until you’re wide-awake instead of suddenly jolting your body awake.

It’s a bit scary and uncomfortable to be suddenly awakened from restful night sleep with a buzzing alarm clock.  The visual alarm created by the alarm clock pillow is revolutionizing the way many people wake up.

Sleep Apnea – A Common Breathing Disorder

sleep apneaWhat is Sleep ApneaSleep apnea is a sleeping disorder in which the sleeper is constantly awakened due to pauses in breathing or shallow breaths while they attempt to sleep.

Most people that suffer from sleep apnea are not even aware of it.  Sleep apnea is a treatable sleeping disorder when it is recognized.  When its left untreated it can lead to serious health problems so its wise to visit a physician when you suspect that might have it.  Sleep apnea does come with some warning signs that will enable you to distinguish it from regular snoring.

If you suffer from sleep apnea your breathing pauses can last up to several minutes.  You can have these interruptions in breath up to 30 or 40 times in just one hour.  You go from breathing normal to interruptions in breath again.  It interrupts your ability to get a good nights sleep.  You’re rarely able to get any deep sleep due to all the breathing challenges.  Your body will often feel fatigued during daytime hours.

People that suffer from sleep apnea never enjoy what is known as restorative sleep because all they experience is what is characterized as light sleeping.  You’ll find that they are also lack mental sharpness, less productive, very poor concentration, higher risk for causing automobile accidents and a higher risk for infectious diseases.

Fall Asleep Fast Tips

fall asleep fastAre you one of those people who are fortunate people who have developed the ability to fall asleep fast?  If so, congratulations but it you sit on the other side of the fence this article will provide you with ways to fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.

There’s no need for you to lie in the bed for hours trying to fall asleep.  You’ve probably tried just about everything from fluffing up your pillow, experimenting with various sleeping positions, trying to clear your mind and of course my favorite – counting sheep.

Insomnia is the ability to not sleep, not get quality sleep or not remain asleep once you get to sleep.  There are many different causes of not getting sleep at night.  Some of the most common causes are sleeping disorders such as sleep apnea and snoring, worry, anxiety, health problems, prescription drugs, shift work, pregnancy and age.

There are so many things you can do to fall asleep fast and the suggestions I’ll give you here is in no way exhaustive.  Try as many of them out as you like and stay with the ones that work for you.  If you try one way and it doesn’t work be sure to come back to the sleep tips and try another one.  Whatever you do, don’t give up because your health depends on your ability to get a good nights sleep.

What You Need to Know About Sleep Insomnia

sleep insomniaWhat is sleep insomnia? Insomnia is derived from to Latin words.  The first word is “in” which means “not” and the second is “somnus” which means “sleep.”  Therefore sleep insomnia is the inability to fall asleep or not remain asleep once you get to sleep.  Insomnia may also be characterized as the inability to not get quality sleep.

When you suffer from transient sleep  insomnia you most likely are experiencing the ability to sleep every few days.  When your insomnia becomes acute then it can last up to several weeks.  Chronic sleep insomnia will often last up to a month or longer.

Insomnia is not restricted to a particular age group.  More adult women are said to suffer from sleep insomnia more that adult men.  Sleep insomnia has many negative side effects such as chronic depression, poor performance at work and school, weakened immune system, obesity and you become more susceptible to degenerative diseases.

Foods That Help You Sleep

foods that help you sleepYou’ve no doubt heard the saying that you are what you eat.  This is actually a true statement and what you eat is also connected to how well you sleep at night.  There are foods that can create insomnia and there are also foods that help you sleep.

So many people have trouble falling asleep at night because they are thinking about work, things they need to do around the house, what to make for dinner and the welfare of their children. In this article will give you 7 types of foods that help you sleep better.  So if you want to enjoy a good nights sleep find a way to incorporate these gems into your diet.

1.     Warm Milk – This is an old folk remedy discovered by scientist many moons ago.  Milk contains an amino acid know as tryptophan that supposedly has some sleep inducing effects.  To maximize the benefits of this food that help you sleep be sure to say know to the cookies and chocolate cake because such sugar-filled items will actually help keep you awake.

2.     Bananas – Bananas are one of those foods that help you sleep that also rich in tryptophan and besides they are sweet and delicious.  Bananas are rich in Vitamin B12 which is known to be good in helping to eliminate insomnia.

Breastfeeding Pillow

breastfeeding pillowA shopping new mom has so many products to choose from that it can become quite overwhelming.  There’s always something new and innovative coming out for toddlers and babies.  However, there is one baby item that every new mom could use and this is a breastfeeding pillow, more specifically the My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow.

What makes this breastfeeding pillow superior to other pillows is that comes with a ready made strap that conveniently goes across your back which keeps the pillow firmly in your lap.

It makes nursing your little one so much easier and comfortable because you can grab hold of the outer edge and get up while the baby is still feeding.  This breastfeeding pillow is not bulky like many others which allows you to remain in total comfort while being quite mobile.

The unique design helps to remove stress from the mother-to-be’s back, shoulders and neck.  The My Brest friend breastfeeding pillow helps to place the baby in a position that allows them to easily latch on to the mother’s breast.  The pillow is soft and firm, which is the support mom needs while feeding.

Oxygen Pillow

oxygen pillowIf your bed partner is constantly complaining about your loud snoring there is actually something you can do about it.  It will perhaps your wife or significant other to finally sleep peacefully throughout the night without the sound of loud and obnoxious noises.

You’ve no doubt heard of anti-snoring pillows but have you heard of an oxygen pillow before?  Well, an oxygen pillow not only gives the right amount of support to your spine (this is crucial for a good nights sleep) but it also helps open up your air passageways by increasing your lung capacity for better breathing.

The oxygen pillow is available in more than a dozen different sizes so you’ll want to make sure that you get the size that is most appropriate for you.  A pillow should be able to accommodate your natural sleeping pattern whether you side sleep, sleep on your back or enjoy sleeping on your stomach.  The oxygen pillow is be able to keep your head, neck and shoulders properly aligned as you sleep which keeps you from up in pain the next morning.

The oxygen pillow was specifically designed to help keep your body aligned while you sleep and it helps you avoid sleeping with your head tilted to far upward.  While sleeping on the pillow it helps to open up your airways so that your breathing is better which helps eliminate the snoring.  The pillow is available online and is available in soft and medium firmness.  The pillow quite pricey retailing for over $200 when it’s not on sale so make sure certain about your purchase before you buy.

Breast Feeding Pillow Sensation
breast feeding pillow

A new baby brings with it many new responsibilities for mom.  The mother’s ultimate goal is to help ensure that this little one that is totally dependent on her grow up healthy.

Perhaps one of the most crucial aspects of ensuring that the baby grows up healthy is feeding.  Breast-feeding is a very important topic and should be given more than a cursory glance.

There are many different ways to breast feed your child.  You could use a u-shaped body pillow, a regular bed pillow, a large stuffed animal, a rolled up towel or a cushion from your sofa.  However, one of the most practical and easy to use products on the market is the My Brest Friend breast feeding pillow.

The challenge with most devices that a mom tries to use to breast-feed is that they fail in helping the baby maintain its feeding latch.  The first thing a mother must do is to get their baby to open its mouth wide enough to make the latch.

Next, the mom must quickly pull the baby to her breast once the mouth is open.  Then the mom must make sure that her baby’s lips covers about one inch of the areola that is just behind the nipple.  If everything goes according to plan the mom shouldn’t experience any pain.  As you can see there is an art to breast-feeding and a breast feeding pillow can make a mother’s job much easier.

Replacement Pillows

replacement pillowsWhen we think about getting a good nights sleep what usually comes to mind are a nice comfortable mattress, lighting in the bedroom, quietness and a comfortable room temperature.

Rarely, if ever are replacement pillows at the top of our list.  Since choosing a good pillow affects our health and our sleeping enjoyment in so many ways replacing your pillows should be given more than a cursory glance.  The right pillow can help improve neck and spine alignment and alleviate sleeping disorders such as snoring and sleep apnea.

How Often Should Replacement Pillows Be Renewed?

Depending on the quality of the pillow you expect that it would need replacement anywhere from 6 months up to two years.  Extremely cheap pillows may even need to be replaced sooner.  A cheap pillow is defined as any pillow where you spent $30 or less to acquire.

You can also use the fold method to see if the pillow in question needs replacing.  To perform the test, just fold your bed pillow in half.  A pillow that still has some life in it will spring back to its original shape.  A pillow that has seen its day will remain folded and it high time you go shopping online for your replacement pillows.

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